Discover all your transportation options with  Way to Go! Missoula.

Way to Go! Missoula or WTG!M is a trip logging program that incentives sustainable transportation with new rewards every month! Users can log their sustainable trips, earn points and then use those points to redeem rewards to the local businesses we all love.  

Looking for a way to participate in First Friday festivities or to generate some buzz around your business or organization? Hosting a parklet is a great way to get your name out there! Plus, you'll be showcasing the importance of our streets being utilized by more than just cars! 

Know someone who is committed to using sustainable transportation? Do they prioritize taking the bus, walking, biking or carpooling as they get around town? If someone comes to mind, nominate them to be a 2020 Commuter of the Year today! Recognition and awesome prizes await! 

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