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Reduce your costs and minimize your impact by choosing a safe, social, and efficient transportation solution. 


Leave one or a few cars in the same place for your daily commute or next big adventure. See the park and rides near Missoula above. 

Interested in carpooling but can't find a carpool partner? Use Way to Go! Missoula to find available carpools to join or start you can even start your own! 

Looking for a carpool partner for a one-time trip? Check out Missoula's local rideboard on your Way to Go! Missoula dashboard. See if anyone is planning a similar trip or post your trip for others to find.

Do you only want to carpool with people you know? You can set up a private carpool network specific to your workplace or affiliated organizations! Find your Way to Go! today. 

We all share chair lifts, why not share the ride to get there! Reduce emissions, save money, make friends and reduce parking demand by carpooling to the mountains this winter. 

Use a carpool agreement to ensure all parties are on the same page regarding a carpool arrangement. 

Whether you are a rider or a driver in a carpool, here are some ways to stay safe while sharing a ride. 

Reminders on how vehicles and bicyclists should safely interact. 

The Way to Go! Missoula School-Pool feature lets parents of students connect and coordinate rides to and from school. It allows for visualization of the households that make up a school to find the best match for each user.



Missoula In Motion will cover the cost of your ride home should you or a family member have an emergency. Feel okay about leaving your car at home with access to 12 Guaranteed Rides Home per year! Just log 1-2 trips consistently in Way to Go! Missoula to qualify. 




Chat with your carpool mate before hitting the road to feel more comfortable. 



Way to Go! Missoula makes planning and logging sustainable trips simple, convenient and interactive. Track your stats, earn badges and log your trips. The more trips you log, the more points you'll earn to spend on rewards to local businesses! 


"[My neighbor and I] have been carpooling every day together and it’s so easy and convenient. Being new to town, I learn a lot about Missoula and things going on.... I also get to enjoy the drive so much more. I get to look out the window and see the beautiful mountains and the beautiful river.  The other thing is my son is taking a break from college so he’s been using my car. By carpooling with my neighbors, we have no need for a second car... It’s been helpful on many fronts."

- Shareen 

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