Missoula In Motion works with workplaces to create cultures that encourage healthy, sustainable commuting to improve employee wellness, boost performance, build camaraderie, and keep Missoula's air clean. 


Way to Go! for Workplaces is Missoula In Motion's program that helps businesses and employees save time and money by encouraging the use of a wide variety of commuting options. Employers implement the program because it aids in recruitment, retention, morale and productivity of their employees. Way to Go! for Workplaces solves parking problems, reduces overhead costs, improves employee productivity, and reduces a workplace's impact on the environment. 

Use  Way to Go! Missoula  to manage your workplace network by easily connecting with co-workers, creating internal commute challenges, implementing incentives or raffles, and collecting data on employee commute behavior. Missoula In Motion is here to help create workplaces cultures that embrace sustainable commuting and do their part in keeping Missoula's air clean. Take advantage of all the Missoula In Motions services or just pick a few. 



There are many data driven ways to increase the use of sustainable transportation.  Employers can use this comprehensive toolkit for ideas and strategies to create a workplace culture that does just that!


This toolkit is intended to provide employers, or individuals working within a place of employment, with all of the tools needed to set up programs and resources that meet the unique needs of your workplace. This resource can be used as a guide to create a commuter encouragement program, or as a reference for evaluating and improving existing programs. 




Missoula In Motion offers in depth assessments to help workplaces identify their challenges to sustainable commuting while providing tried and tested solutions. This is a free service for Missoula based businesses so they can reduce their environmental impact, save money, and increase employee satisfaction. 


The Commuter Challenge is one of Missoula In Motion's most popular programs in which hundreds of businesses, organizations and nonprofits compete against each other to see which workplace can sustainably commute the most within a two week challenge. Go head to head against workplaces of similar size with the simple goal of getting everyone at your office to try biking, walking, busing, carpooling, vanpooling or telecommuting at least once. The Commuter Challenge usually happens during the first two weeks of May but in 2020, it is being held September 13th-26th. 




Just like the community wide Commuter Challenge, this event challenges University of Montana faculty, staff and student groups to see who can sustainably commute the most. The overarching goal is to get everyone on your team to try a sustainable mode at least once! This challenge usually occurs for two weeks in February, but this year, we are combining it with the community wide Commuter Challenge happening September 13th-26th. 


Missoula In Motion is available for lunch and learn style presentations to inform employees about all of their transportation options and how they can take advantage  of our programs. We'll help your workplace troubleshoot challenges and find enjoyable solutions to get to and from work!





One Less Car Day is a community-wide initiative to get as many people as possible to travel using a sustainable mode of transportation in a single day. That is biking, walking, busing, carpooling, vanpooling or some other method of walking or rolling! One Less Car Day is about working together as a community to make a difference. Join the movement to reduce congestion, lower your carbon footprint, save money and improve individual and community health.



Learn how some of Missoula's leading employers are making strides in promoting sustainable transportation options. 


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