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Meeting the demand for parking at large-scale events can be expensive and present logistical challenges for event organizers. Missoula In Motion offers solutions to manage parking demand.  We focus on moving people, not cars, in the most efficient and cost-effective means possible. 

Not sure what resources you might need for your event? Contact us and let us help you!

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Way to Go! Missoula offers event-specific carpool matching technology, making it simple and convenient for attendees to search and connect with potential carpoolers. Organizers can easily embed the web app onto their event website allowing attendees to access the feature directly from their site. Encouraging carpooling to your next event will reduce parking demand and traffic congestion, while saving attendees time and money. 

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The Bike Valet system is available to organizations to rent out for events that anticipate a large number of bicyclists. Bike Valets operate similar to a coat check system, offering an amenity to bicyclists to encourage arrival by bike. Bike Valet requires a minimum of 2 people to staff the service at all times. Racks are easy to transport and set up.


Portable event racks are available to organizations to rent out for events that anticipate a large number of attendees arriving by bike. Bikes can be locked to portable racks and, unlike the Bike Valet system, they do not require staff. Organizations are responsible for transporting racks which require a truck-bed to move.

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