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Relatively flat and mild, much of Missoula is laid out in a grid system making biking a great option. Plus, when you choose to bike, you are making a healthy choice for you, your bank account, and the environment!


Plan your route using Missoula's network of designated bike lanes, primary commuter trails, and neighborhood greenway routes with the Missoula Bike Map.

By registering your bike on this international registry, you'll make it easier for law enforcement to reunite you with your bicycle if it is ever lost or stolen.

Missoula is proud to have 11 bicycle repair stations conveniently located around town and available to the public. See our map to find out where you can stop for your next quick tune-up.

File a report by completing a form or calling the Missoula Police Department's non-emergency line directly at 406-552-6630. Remember to also mark your bike as stolen on Project 529 if you'd  previously registered it.

Keep yourself and other cyclists safe by informing the City of Missoula of hazardous conditions in bike lanes.

The Missoula Police Department, receives hundred's of bicycles every year. Get notified when the next bicycle auction is at the link above. 

Free Cycles is Missoula's community run bike shop. They focus on re-purposing unused bicycles to reduce pollution and increase freedom, empowerment and social change. Free Cycles staff can help you build and maintain your very own bike at little or no cost. 

Neighborhood Greenways are residential streets, close to main roads and trails, with relatively low vehicle volumes and speeds, that help increase the comfort and safety for people who bike and walk.

Be seen with a Bike Benefits helmet sticker to get discounts and rewards at various stores, restaurants and businesses locally and nationwide. Search businesses accepting Bike Benefits at the link above.

Explanation of various types of bike parking and how developers, property managers, and business owners can provide convenient, accommodating, and secure bike parking.

Learn more about bicycle safety to ensure you understand how bicycles, vehicles, pedestrians and all other users of our transportation network should interact. 



Missoula In Motion will cover the cost of your ride home should you or a family member have an emergency. Feel okay about leaving your car at home with access to 12 Guaranteed Rides Home per year! Just log 1-2 trips consistently in Way to Go! Missoula to qualify. 




New to bike commuting? Bike to Work Day is always the first Friday in May. It’s a great and supportive way to try bike commuting for the first time.



Way to Go! Missoula makes planning and logging sustainable trips simple, convenient and interactive. Track your stats, earn badges and log your trips. The more trips you log, the more points you'll earn to spend on rewards to local businesses! 

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"Throw away the excuses of 'I’m not ready yet' or 'I don’t have the right equipment'. Just put one foot in front of the other and challenge yourself to do it, just for yourself, and no one else. Where I am in life right now is pretty great. I’m back in school getting my masters, living more productively, growing a garden, hiking with my wife, biking with my kid, volunteering, stronger, healthier, happier... all of that started with a bike ride to work.”

- Dylan

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