Neighborhood Greenways

A Valuable Public Space - Especially During COVID-19

The City of Missoula encourages residents to utilize Neighborhood Greenways - a network of low traffic neighborhood streets - as good places to walk, bike and run while complying with physical distancing requirements. With parks, trails and commuter paths experiencing increased volumes, Neighborhood Greenways provide a safe, convenient addition for residents to enjoy outdoor physical activity while staying close to home. While bike and pedestrian travel is prioritized on Neighborhood Greenways, the streets will remain open to vehicle travel. All users are encouraged to take safety precautions when using these facilities.

What is a Neighborhood Greenway?

Neighborhood Greenways are residential streets, close to main roads, with relatively low vehicle volumes and speeds, that help increase the comfort and safety for people who bike and walk. In an effort to build upon existing opportunities for biking and walking and "close the gaps" in the commuter trail, neighborhood sidewalk, and on-street bike systems, the City of Missoula mapped out a city-wide Greenway system.  The next step is to invest in updating the design of the streets to make them safer and more comfortable for people of all ages and abilities to use. 

Find a Greenway Route in Your Neighborhood!

Neighborhood Greenway Design Elements

Safer Crossings

  • Easier for all ages and abilities to cross

  • Increase driver awareness of people biking and walking across intersection

Walking and biking priority 

  • Traffic calming features reduce vehicle speeds and cut through traffic 

  • Stop signs for side streets allow people on the greenway to maintain momentum 


  • Identifies the street as a Neighborhood Greenway so all users know what to expect 

  • Helps people walking and biking find their way 

Sharing the Road

Whether in a vehicle or using active transportation, it is important that all users exercise extra precaution on Greenways to ensure safety for all. 

Bikers and pedestrians should follow social distancing guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Practice Social Distancing

Drive Slowly

Drivers are asked to drive at slower speeds and to pass with care.

Bike/Ped Safety

People biking and walking should stay to the right and exercise extra caution when approaching and crossing intersections.

Interested in helping promote Neighborhood Greenways during (and after) COVID response, providing feedback about the routes and requesting improvements, or just learning more about biking and walking in Missoula? Please reach out to Ben Weiss at

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