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Reduce your costs and minimize your impact by choosing a safe, social and low cost transportation solution. 


A vanpool is a prearranged group of five to fifteen people who share their commute to and from work or school. See if it's a good fit for you and learn how to become a rider or driver for MR TMA/iRide. 

Reminders on how vehicles and bicyclists should safely interact. 

Drop one car off and carpool or vanpool to your destination by using one of the various Park and Rides in the Missoula area.

iRide Vanpool currently has 17 routes serving Missoula, Ravalli, and Lake county.

Learn the ins and outs of vanpool service in Missoula and see if it'll work for you! 



Missoula In Motion will cover the cost of your ride home should you or a family member have an emergency. Feel okay about leaving your car at home with access to 12 Guaranteed Rides Home per year! Just log 1-2 trips consistently in Way to Go! Missoula to qualify. 




MRTMA collects rideshare applications. You’ll be contacted when there are at least 8-9 people needing to ride at least 4 days per week.



Way to Go! Missoula makes planning and logging sustainable trips simple, convenient and interactive. Track your stats, earn badges and log your trips. The more trips you log, the more points you'll earn to spend on rewards to local businesses! 


"I have been using the iRide Vanpool to get back and forth to work for over 20 years....

Over the years I have built many friendships with my fellow riders while we exchange ideas, talk about a myriad of subjects or even catch a nap before/after  work. I would recommend this to anyone who is having to commute from the Bitterroot or other outlying areas. It's convenient, cost effective, and fun."


- Cindy

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