clear the air



The 2021 Clear the Air Challenge is officially over. Thank you to everyone who participated. Your dedication to sustainable commuting during one of the coldest parts of the year has diverting tons of co2 and made our valley's air cleaner and safer for everyone.



Log your sustainable trips and errands with Way to Go! Missoula during the month of January. Compete with other individuals in your size category to win a $50 Missoula Downtown Association gift card and to see how much CO2 you can divert from our valley! 

To keep the competition fair, you will be competing against those whose commutes are similar in length to your own. Join the appropriate challenge by selecting the button below that pertains to the ONE-WAY distance of your daily commute. 



Promote the Clear the Air Challenge at your workplace! Sign up here and we’ll provide you with promotional materials, template emails and more to motivate your team this winter. Clear the Air is an individual challenge (instead of team vs. team), so participating workplaces will recruit coworkers to participate independently – and maybe even organize some special challenges within your office!


A key element of the Clear the Air Challenge is highlighting the importance of not idling vehicles. Idling is harmful to our air and simply unnecessary. According to Sustainable America, modern vehicles need no more than a few seconds to warm up. Additionally, if an engine is running for longer than 10 seconds, it is better and cheaper to just turn the vehicle off.