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Choosing sustainable options can be difficult during the colder months, but it's the time of the year when Missoula is most susceptible to poor air quality because of inversion.


Our annual Clear the Air Challenge is a friendly, individual competition throughout the month of January between Missoulians of similar commute lengths. The goal is to see how much CO2 you can prevent from entering the air by choosing sustainable transportation.

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Join the challenge, log your sustainable trips and errands using Way to Go! Missoula during the month of January to see how much CO2 you can divert! 

The competition starts January 1st, but late registration is allowed. All trips can be backlogged for up to 3 weeks, so if you have been taking sustainable trips this new year, signing up late doesn't mean you are at a disadvantage.

To keep the competition fair, you will be competing against Missoulians with similar commute lengths. Join the appropriate challenge by selecting the button that pertains to the ONE-WAY distance of your daily commute. 

Promote the Clear the Air Challenge at your workplace! Sign up here and we’ll provide you with promotional materials, template emails and more to motivate your team this winter. Clear the Air is an individual challenge (instead of team vs. team), so participating workplaces will recruit coworkers to participate independently – and maybe even organize some special challenges within your office!

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A key element of the Clear the Air Challenge is highlighting the importance of not idling vehicles. Idling is harmful to our air and simply unnecessary. According to Sustainable America, modern vehicles need no more than a few seconds to warm up. Additionally, if an engine is running for longer than 10 seconds, it is better and cheaper to just turn the vehicle off.