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No Idling Zone

Idling is harmful to our air and simply unnecessary. According to Sustainable America, modern vehicles need no more than a few seconds to warm up. Additionally, if an engine is running for longer than 10 seconds, it is better and cheaper to just turn the vehicle off.


If you like to let your car warm up for 10 minutes in the winter or leave it running while you wait at a drive-thru window, you are not alone. Idling your vehicle isn't uncommon. It's easy to not realize how long your vehicle has been running or to take into account the amount of vehicle emissions are being let out into the air. Start the habit of turning off your engine instead of idling. It can end up making a big difference in the not only Missoula's air quality, but also your pocketbook. 

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Going to school


Children stand at just the right height to get hit with tailpipe emissions. Exposure to harmful air pollutants while young lungs are still developing increases the risk of asthma and other respiratory issues. Reducing your idling time during school drop-off and pick-up can dramatically reduce our younger generation's exposure to harmful toxins.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or caring community member, if you would like more information about getting your school Idle Free, contact us! 


Do you know fact from fiction? See if you can spot the common myths about idling your vehicle by taking our No Idling quiz. 

Car Keys


Idling is harmful to our air and simply unnecessary. Do you know all the reasons why? Knowing the facts in important. Test your knowledge, then take the pledge to turn the key and be idle free!

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