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Sunday Streets Missoula is a celebration of community and active transportation located, this year, in the Lewis and Clark neighborhood. It is one of hundreds of open streets initiatives all around the world that temporarily closes the street to traffic and opens it up to people for walking, biking, skateboarding, parkour, yoga and more!  


ACTIVITY             HOST


Sunday Streets' goals focus on walking and biking, community health, public space, and local businesses. Sunday Streets is not a fair or an expo; simply tabling is strictly prohibited. Your activity must actively engage attendees. We do not allow any sort of lobbying for a specific political issue/bill/candidate (collecting signatures, handing out pamphlets, etc.). Things like encouraging people to vote or educating attendees about an issue via a fun activity IS allowed.



What time should I arrive? 

Street barriers will be up by 11:00 am so activity hosts are welcome to arrive up to 1 hour before the event starts to start setting up. All activities should be set up by 11:45 am.

Where should I park? 

Side streets are okay for parking. Activity hosts can move the street barricades to drive to designated spots and drop off equipment after 11:00 am, but all vehicles must be off of the route by 11:45 am.

How will I know where to set up?

Activity host locations will be assigned by August 1st. A detailed map will be emailed to you.

What if there is bad weather? 

Come prepared to host your activity, rain or shine. A smoke advisory would be the only reason for postponing a Sunday Streets event.  

Am I allowed to serve food? 

The Health Dept. requires a food permit for any food served during the event. 


  • Take back the street! Don't be shy about taking up space. 

  • Keep it interactive and simple. Think about something fairly straightforward that anybody passing by could easily pick up and join in on. 

  • Go with the flow and have a simple plan B. Jump ropes, chalk, hula hoops, and bubbles are all good backups. 

  • Bring positive energy! People will mimic your enthusiasm. 

  • It doesn't have to be a physical activity- a mental challenge is just as great! 

  • Solid go to's: some sort of race or simple competition, a scavenger hunt, obstacles course, music, or group art projects!



If you have additional questions or concerns, reach out to Missoula In Motion's TDM Specialist, Alli Kane

at 552-6732 or email her at the link below. 

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