Workplace Spotlight

Learn how some of Missoula's leading employers are making strides in promoting sustainable transportation options.  Think your workplace is worthy of recognition?

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Ecology Project International (EPI)

EPI has been encouraging sustainable commuting via their employee commuter program since 2004. The agency's leadership prioritizes transportation in organizational decision making; even their choice of office location was driven by the building's central location and convenient access to transportation options. EPI fosters a culture of sustainable commuting with the following initiatives:

  • monthly commuter incentive program: rewards staff with 50 cents a day for each sustainable commute

  • 2 communal office bikes available for errands/ off-site meetings

  • sheltered bike rack (courtesy of an Eagle Scout project) + racks in front of building

  • staff are well equipped for virtual meetings and encouraged to do so 

  • telecommute policy: this policy alone reduced staff emissions by 20%!

  • Participate in the Commuter Challenge during which they encourage staff to think of the most creative method to commute to work (like rollerblading, solar-powered scootering, kayaking, skateboarding and XC skiing!)

  • display information about Missoula In Motion and sustainable commuting in office (in the bathroom - captive audience!)

Commuter incentives at the EPI Missoula's office have even inspired their offices in other countries(Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador) to implement similar programs!

Some of the biggest challenges EPI faces are coordinating staff schedules and routes.  A number of staff live outside the city and many have school drop off for kids in the morning which makes carpooling impractical. Park & Ride options sometimes work for these individuals, especially on fair weather days. Frigid weather during the winter is always a challenge to encourage comfortable and safe commuting methods.

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