Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pausing the Way to Go! Trip Challenge for April. Please continue to travel sustainably and log your trips!  We are hoping to pick the reward program back up in May.

Way To Go! Missoula is a community mobility tool that uses innovative technology to make planning and logging sustainable trips simple and convenient.

Way to Go! features:

  • Mobile friendly (CommuteTracker app)

  • Route options for different modes

  • Carpool matching

  • Trip planning tool with interactive map

  • Community wide competitions

  • Trip logging (with rewards, see below)!

  • Biking routes based on level of comfort

  • Sub-networks for individual employers that allow them to:

    • Host internal competitions

    • Create internal rewards programs

    • Collect statistics on workplace impact and savings

Way to Go! rewards:

1.    Bike, walk, bus, carpool, vanpool, skateboard, scooter, etc. to your destination
2.    Log your trip on Way to Go! Missoula. You can either log your trips using the online web based platform or the Commute Tracker App. Or you can alternate between the two! 
4.    Choose a reward to a local business each month and celebrate in your awesomeness!  

Every month, there is a new Monthly Trip Challenge and new rewards. You have between the first of the month and the first Friday of the following month to claim a reward. For example in April 2019, you have from April 1st until May 3rd to redeem an April reward. A new May challenge appears on May 1st and Aprils challenge disappears at midnight on May 3rd. You will be able to select any reward that is clickable- whether it is new that month or carried over from previous months challenges. Sign up today!

How to register with Way to Go!

How to log trips

with Way to Go! 

How to redeem rewards on Way to Go! 

How to connect Strava with Way

to Go!

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Way to Go! Missoula

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