Sit back, relax and save money by joining a vanpool near you. The perfect option for those who commute 15 miles or more. Missoula Ravalli Transportation Management (MRTMA) coordinates vanpools. 

Is vanpool for you?

  • Do you travel over 15 miles to work each day?

  • Are you tired of fighting highway traffic? 

  • Do you want to save money?

If you answered YES to any of the above, it is time to start benefiting from all the Vanpool perks. 

Ride as often as you like for about $0.11 a mile. Vanpool routes are organized by pick-up/destination for maximum convenience.

 Vanpool riders that participate in Way to Go! Club Missoula are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home benefit. 


Did you know Missoula In Motion's Way to Go! tool can connect you to other commuters looking to share a ride? 

Do you only want to carpool with people you know? You can set up a private carpool network specific to your workplace or affliated organizations! Find your Way to Go! today. 

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