UM Commuter Challenge



Q: What is the Commuter Challenge?

 UM departments compete to see who can get everyone on their team to commute sustainably just one time. The Commuter Challenge is not anti-car and it is not pro-bike. The Commuter Challenge is all about trying new commute options; you just have to do it once to win!

The catch: Each and every person at your  in your department or student group is by default on your team. Getting everyone to make one sustainable commute is the challenge!

Q: What are the requirements to participate?

The Commuter Challenge welcomes ALL campus departments or independent organizations located on the UM campus. Part-time student employees are welcome to join teams as well. The only requirement is that every team has a Commuter Challenge Team Captain that serves as the point of contact between your department and Missoula In Motion. 

Q: How does my workplace participate? 

Your team participates by logging sustainable commutes with Way to Go! Missoula. Each member will create an account in Way to Go! Missoula and connect to your team's Network. Your Commuter Challenge Captain will be able to see who logs trips and can run reports and internal raffles or challenges!

Commuter Challenge

Monday, February 3rd - Friday February 14th 

Captain Luncheon

Date and Location TBA

Learn everything you need to know to get your team on board and WIN the challenge

Winter Clean Commute Day

Friday, February 14th, 7:45 - 9:45 AM

Love your commute with free coffee and treats!

River Trail - under south side of Orange St. Bridge

*more locations TBA*

Commuter Challenge Party

/Awards Ceremony

Date and location TBA

Celebrate your accomplishments with your team. Join us for free food and prizes!

If only one team achieves All-Star status (description below) that team is declared the winner. If more than one team achieves All-Star status, then the teams whose members collectively log sustainable commutes the most number of DAYS during the challenge wins. Pizza Party prize!

Overall Team Winner

All-Star Team

Achieve the coveted All-Star Team status by getting every single person in your department to participate by commuting sustainably (and logging their trips)!

10-Day Medalist

Commute sustainably all 10 days of the  Challenge and automatically earn a prize!

Best Team Photo

Get your team of commuters together to strike a pose. Winners get a custom set of office mugs  with the photo on them!

Winning the Commuter Challenge


Overall Team Winner

Geography Graduate Students

All-Star Teams 

All-Star Teams succeeded in getting every single person at their workplace to participate by commuting sustainably 

Office of Student Success

Office of the Registrar

Environmental Studies


See how all 12 teams did in the Challenge! 

   UM Commuter Challenge LEADERBOARD

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