Services and tools available to your workplace include:

NEW! Online Way to Go! for Workplaces tool empowers employers to create cultures supportive of healthy commute options. This is your one stop shop for: running workplace challenges, leaderboards and raffles;  enticing employees with incentives; creating internal carpools; and running reports. 

Use Missoula In Motion's Way to Go! tool to setup workplace carpools or find a community carpool. Find your Way to Go!

If you chose a sustainable commute and an unexpected emergency arises, Missoula In Motion will reimburse you for the cost of taking an Uber or a cab. 

Join Missoula In Motion quarterly for topical breakfast meetings that will equip you with the resources to create a workplace culture supportive of healthy commuting. 

Incentives are proven to be an effective strategy in kickstarting and maintaining healthy commuting habits within employees. 

Missoula In Motion and the Bicycle Pedestrian Program are teaming up to offer assistance selecting, creating and installing facilities that encourage sustainable commuting among employees. Project options include: bike racks, covered bike parking structure, bike lockers, employee lockers for active commuters, carpool parking signage and outdoor bike pump/fix-it stations. Businesses pay 50% of project cost and nonprofits pay 15% of project cost. 

Missoula In Motion staff are available to assist employees in navigating the best way to get from point A to point B. Get started using the online trip planning tool

Interested in the big picture? This comprehensive Employer Transportation Assessment and Report combines employee commute surveys with workplace policies, culture and facilities impacting employee commute options. It includes short and long term recommendations for creating a workplace culture where healthy transportation is the norm. Contact Missoula In Motion for more information. 

Understand the barriers your employees face to choosing a healthy commute. Overcoming those challenges might be more in your control than you think. 

Got a parking problem? Let Missoula In Motion provide you with innovative solutions. We will consider current use, desired need, low hanging

opportunities and how similar workplaces have eliminated

their parking pains. 

Missoula In Motion Services

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