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Did you know that every additional hour per day you spend driving puts you at 6% greater risk of obesity, while every hour you spend walking reduces that risk by 4.8%?

Improve your workplace wellness by encouraging sustainable healthy commutes. Employees that drive alone cost more money. It pays to create a culture where walking, riding the bus, carpooling, biking or teleworking is the norm.


Benefits include:

  • Happier, higher performing staffs with less absenteeism

  • Lower healthcare costs to employers

  • Improved employee health and wellness (fewer sick days)

  • Builds camaraderie among employees

Employers can have a significant hand in this behavior change, and Way to Go! for Workplaces is the perfect tool to help employers incentivize sustainable transportation options in their organizations. Make the case with the following expert opinions, research and nationally recognized publications. The first step is capturing management’s support and Missoula In Motion can help you with rest.



Employer Transportation Tax Benefits

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