Engage in active transportation. Make a move in the right direction. 

One Less Car Day is a community-wide initiative to get as many people as possible to travel using sustainable modes of transportation (bike, walk, bus, carpool or vanpool) on a single day.  It's about working together as a community to make a difference. Will you join the movement to reduce congestion, lower your carbon footprint, save money and improve individual and community health? 

To participate in One Less Car Day 2018: Travel using of the sustainable transportation modes below and enter your trip into Way to Go! Missoula - Missoula's sustainable trip tracker. New to Way to Go! Missoula? Simply sign up and enter your commute or errand to make your sustainable trip count in the One Less Car Day community-wide tally!


2017 Participating Employers

  • City of Missoula

  • Climate Smart Missoula

  • MCS

  • Mountain Line

  • Big Sky Breakout

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Adventure Cycling Association

  • Child Care Resources

  • Community Food & Agriculture Coalition 

  • Clark Fork Coalition 

  • Missoula County 

  • Alpine Physical Therapy

  • Missoula Public Library

  • Missoua Aging Services

  • Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters

  • Watershed Education Network (WEN)

  • The Clay Studion of Missoula

  • Free Cycles

  • enDVR Homeschool Learning Space

  • UM Alumni Association

  • Currents Aquatic Center

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