You did it. Way to go!

You consciously chose an active sustainable mode to get to work or around town and then an emergency arose... what do you do?

Way to Go! Missoula has you covered. Missoula In Motion's Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) provides a safety net for sustainable commuters to cover those unexpected situations where you might find yourself without a way to get back home.


Just log one sustainable trip a week on your Way to Go! member account to receive access to 12 GRHs a year. Missoula In Motion will reimburse to cost of your ride from Uber/Lyft or any Missoula taxi provider. 


Did you know about the Guaranteed Ride Home?

Missoula In Motion will cover the cost of your ride home should you or a family member have an emergency. Feel okay about leaving your car at home, because every time you log your bus trips in Way to Go! Missoula you earn access to 12 Guaranteed Rides Home per year.

To access your Guaranteed Ride Home*:

1. Log in to your Way to Go! Missoula account (

2. Go to the Incentives tab on the top tool bar.

3. Select the Point Programs tab and redeem voucher.

4. Download claim form and submit within 2 weeks of your trip for full reimbursement.

*In order to be eligible for Guaranteed Rides Home you must be an active Way to Go! Missoula member and regularly log a minimum of 1 sustainable trip per week. 

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