Way to Go! for Workplaces

Way to Go! for Workplaces is Missoula In Motion's program that helps businesses and employees save time and money by encouraging the use of a wide variety of commuting options. Employers implement the program because it aids in recruitment, retention, morale and productivity. Way to Go! for Workplaces solves parking problems, improves employee productivity, provides tax benefits and frees us up spaces for customer parking. 

Way to Go! for Workplaces is a comprehensive approach to normalizing and encouraging healthy commute options. Strategies range from partner business breakfasts to matching funds for workplace improvements to comprehensive workplace assessments and everything between. 


Use  Way to Go! Missoula  to manage your workplace network. Workplace Networks empower you to easily connect with co-workers, create commute challenges, implement incentives or raffles, run reports and collect workplace commute data.

You know your workplace best. Missoula In Motion is here to help. Take advantage of all the Missoula In Motions services 
just pick a few.  

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