Workplace Improvements

Missoula In Motion (MIM) and City of Missoula Bicycle Pedestrian Program (BPP) are excited to offer the Workplace Improvement Program. Designed to help employers* support and promote sustainable transportation, the Workplace Improvement Program offers assistance selecting, creating, and installing facilities to increase the number of employees biking, walking, carpooling, and taking the bus to work.  

Missoula In Motion is dedicated to increasing the use of sustainable transportation to improve and preserve air quality in the Missoula Valley. Way to Go! for Workplaces helps businesses and employees identify and implement steps they can take to create a workplace culture conducive to the use of sustainable transportation. Way to Go! for workplaces and the Workplace Improvement Program curb parking costs, improve employee productivity, provide tax benefits and free up spaces for customer parking.  

"Employer" refers to business/property owners, non profit directors and other decision makers. 


  • Employers submit project proposals to improve sustainable transportation facilities at their work place.

  • Missoula In Motion(MIM) and the Bicycle Pedestrian Program(BPP) will work applicants on site to determine scope, details, and costs of proposed projects. 

  • Match Requirement:

    • 15% of total project cost for non profits​

    • 50% of total project cost for businesses


  • MIM and BPP will manage project implementation/installation and invoice employer for required match funding upon completion. 


  • Groups of employers located within the same building or that share facilities (i.e. parking lot) may apply jointly. Please submit one application per group.

  • Applications do not need to be filled out by business/property owner or highest ranking staff at place of employment. Any employee can fill out and submit application as long as they have signature of  approval of business/property owner and/or highest ranking staff at place of employment (as required on application).

  • Employers may only apply for one project per year.

Workplace Improvement Project Options

Outdoor bike racks/corrals

Covered bike parking for employees

Bike lockers for secure storage.

Signage for reserved carpool or vanpool parking

Employee lockers for active commuters

Outdoor bike pump or fix-it-station outside a large employer or on a popular commuter trail. 

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