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Commuter Challenge 2018 is MAY 6th - 19th!

Commuter Challenge


Q: What is the Commuter Challenge?

The Commuter Challenge is Missoula In Motion's annual head to head competition where businesses of similar sizes compete against each other to see who can get everyone to commute sustainably just one time. The Commuter Challenge is not anti-car and it is not pro-bike. The Commuter Challenge is all about trying new commute options; you just have to do it once to win!

The catch: Each and every person at your workplace or in your department is by default on your team. Getting everyone to make one sustainable commute is the challenge!

Q: What are the requirements for businesses to participate?

The Commuter Challenge welcomes ALL businesses/non profits affecting the Missoula airshed. Whether you have a team of 5, 50 or 500 employees your workplace, there's a size category for you! The only requirement is that every team has a Commuter Challenge Team Captain that serves as the point of contact between your workplace and Missoula In Motion. 

Q: How does my workplace participate? 

Your workplace participates by using the online, mobile friendly Way to Go! Missoula platform. Each coworker will create an account in Way to Go! Missoula and will connect to your team's workplace account. Your Commuter Challenge Captain will be able to see who has logged trips and will be able to run reports and internal raffles or challenges!


Register your workplace for this year's Commuter Challenge! As soon as you sign up you will receive tips, tricks and tools to get you on track for that Commuter Challenge Crown!   

Captain Breakfast Meeting | April 19th @ GLR (350 Ryman St.)

Deadline to register | Friday, April 27th

Kick-off Party! | May 7th, Bayern Brewery, 5-7pm

Join Missoula In Motion at BAYERN BREWERY for a Commuter Challenge kick off party! Receive a FREE 1st beverage if you arrive at the event using sustainable transportation!

Rewards Party | May 30th, Burns St. Bistro, 5-7

Save the Date! Join Missoula In Motion at Burns St. Bistro to celebrate your team's achievements, accept awards and enjoy free appetizers! Please RSVP a team count number.

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Commute Captain Resources

Invite your team to sign up for Way to Go! Missoula so they can participate in the Challenge!

We try to make the job as captain as easy as possible and even draft emails for you to send to your team throughout the challenge. Download them here, update the text highlighted in red as appropriate and send  to your team.

As a Commuter Challenge Captain you will be the Network Admin for your team's Workplace Network in Way to Go! Missoula. 

Commuter Challenge wouldn't be possible without the outstanding crew of Commute Captains that step up to the plate each year. Thanks to each of you! This is your one-stop-shop with access to everything you need to organize a successful challenge at your workplace. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us at or 552-6731. 

Because it's really all about winning, right? Well, no but there are a ton of prizes we're awarding this year both on a team and on an individual level. Check out how you can WIN! 

As a returning captain, there are just a few updates you need to make to prepare for this year's challenge. 

Download the complete guide or find the specific information you're looking for in the tabs to the right.

Over 90 workplaces registered this year! See who your team is up against.

You and your team can compete for Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals! Medalists are eligible for individual prizes.

Not everyone works a typical M-F, 9-5 work week. Learn how employees who work part-time or are taking time off during the challenge can still achieve perfect participation. 

The percentages on the Leaderboards are a little tricky. Here is how they work. 

Posters to download and print:

Commute Captain FAQ's

What is considered a sustainable commute?

A sustainable commute includes any mode other than driving in a car alone (bike, bus, carpool, vanpool, walk, skateboard, skip, prancercise, etc.) We try to avoid using the term “alternative” because it implies that any mode other than driving is counter culture, secondary or of lesser importance.

Do errands count if I travel using a sustainable mode?

Commuter Challenge focuses specifically on your daily commute to and from your workplace. While we strongly encourage using sustainable travel modes throughout the day to run errands, go to lunch, etc. (and these can even be logged as “errands” in the trip-logging tool) these additional trips will not be counted in this particular challenge. They will however be counted in Way to Go! Missoula’s Monthly Trip Challenge program.

What constitutes a carpool?

A carpool is defined as a ride shared by two or more *eligible* drivers. So, if you are dropping your 16 year old licensed driver off at daycare, then that can count as a carpool.

Is my Commuter Challenge team only the employees who actively participate in the challenge?

No,  your commuter challenge team consists of everyone at your place of employment, even those who do not participate in the challenge.  (There are some exceptions to this for larger workplaces that are broken up into smaller teams by department. You know who you are!)

What about employees who are traveling for work during the challenge?

Specifically, the Commuter Challenge seeks to impact the regular commute in our Missoula County air shed. Employees who are still working but are not physically coming to the office because they are traveling outside of our air shed should log their trips as normal. Instead, they can use the “Compressed Work Week” option in the “Mode of Travel” section. They can use the mileage of their regular daily commute.  

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