It's harder to choose sustainable options during the winter months -the time of the year when we are most susceptible to poor air quality because of inversion (learn why). The Clear the Air Challenge offers a little extra motivation to choose to bus, walk, bike, carpool and vanpool as much as possible during the times when it's the hardest to do, but matters the most. 

THE CHALLENGE: Log sustainable trips and errands with Way to Go! Missoula during the month of January to see how much CO2 you can prevent from entering the air we breathe. Compete with other Missoulians with similar commute lengths for prizes.

Register Your Workplace

Sign up your workplace for the challenge and we'll provide you with the resources and materials needed to promote the program to your fellow employees. 

View the Leaderboards

It's not too late to register! To keep the competition fair, you will be competing against those whose commutes are similar in length to your own. Join the appropriate challenge by selecting the tab above that pertains to the ONE-WAY distance of your daily commute. Once on the Leaderboard page, select "Join" just under the title. 


Workplace Participation Toolkit



Challenge FAQ's

What counts as a carpool? Carpools are defined as a ride shared by 2 or more *eligible drivers (16 yrs of age or older with driver's license). So, if you are dropping off your kids at daycare, that is not considered a carpool. 

What do you mean by "Compressed Work Week"? When a weekly work schedule is condensed to eliminate one or more commutes to and from the office. If you work 4, 10 hour days instead of 5, 8 hour days; you can log a commute on the 5th day as "compressed work week" since you are eliminating a commute on that day. 

I noticed there are 3 different challenges based on commute-length, how do I know which to join?  Individuals may only participate in ONE challenge and are to select the challenge that corresponds to the ONE WAY length of their daily commute. Not sure how long your daily commute is? Visit to find out. 

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