Cut your costs in half! By carpooling with just one other person, you can spend half as much on gas and maintenance costs.


Did you know that many employers offer preferential parking and/or free parking for carpoolers? Contact Missoula In Motion to learn more about Way to Go! for Workplaces. 

Did you know that your sustainable commute is insured by Missoula In Motion's Guaranteed Ride Home program? If you carpool and need an emergency ride home, we cover the cab or Uber cost! Yep. It is free to you. 

Carpooling equals fewer cars on the road, making the roads less congested for everyone. Plus, there's the added bonus of reducing CO2 emissions to help keep our air clean!

Carpool Resources

Did you know Missoula In Motion's Way to Go! tool can connect you to other commuters looking to share a ride.

Do you only want to carpool with people you know? You can set up a private carpool network specific to your workplace or affliated organizations! Find your Way to Go! today. 

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