Bike Month 

Just like that, Bike Month is already over!
We had so much fun seeing your adventures, hearing your bike stories, and feeling the community come together, even though this year we have had to stay apart.

We hope that you keep up your bike commutes and remember to reach out to us if you have any questions about route planning, staying safe on your commute, or finding other sustainable transportation options!


Keep scrolling to see the list of events, contests, activities, prizes, and winners!

# B I K E M O N T H M I S S O U L A 

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Event Details

Join our bike themed activities throughout the month of May! MAKE SURE WE SEE YOUR PHOTOS by posting on your social media with the hashtag #bikemonthmissoula or by emailing to be entered into our weekly prize drawings! Winners will be announced Fridays at 2:00 pm.

When your bike wants a spring upgrade, you don't have to spend money or become a gearhead, in fact, you don't even have to leave your house! Learn to be comfortable personalizing your ride with DIY bike upgrades in this Bike Month workshop series. All four workshops will feature creative, practical projects made with items you probably have lying around. Can't find the materials we're using or don't have a lot of experience crafting? We are here to help you find a way to make it works. Meetings will take place on Zoom.


May 7: Cup Holders

May 14: Bike Baskets

May 21: Decoration and Visibility

May 28: Bike Bags

Even though many of us are working from home, Missoula In Motion is excited to be celebrating Bike to Work Day on May 8th! With reduced traffic volumes and less stressful travel conditions, we're encouraging everyone to take this opportunity to practice their bike to work route! So on May 8th, get your bike out, ride your route to work, and log your trip on Way to Go! Missoula. Consider taking a new route or bringing your kids along to show them where your office is! After logging your trip, you'll EARN A FREE COFFEE from Ninja Mikes! Even better, take a photo of your route and tag Missoula In Motion or use #bikemonthmissoula to be entered into weekly Bike Month raffles!

Click HERE to log your BIKE TO WORK DAY commute on Way To Go! Missoula!


Bike Wise: Safety Tips Webinar

Join long-time bike rider and advocate, Gene Schmitz, as he shares tips on how to stay safe as you commute around Missoula. There are two opportunities to be a part of this webinar! Click HERE to RSVP.

Bike Wise Webinar

May 12:   Click HERE to RSVP then join URL:

May 26:   Click HERE to RSVP

Ongoing Activities

Any time throughout the month of May, complete one of the activities listed below. MAKE SURE WE SEE YOUR PHOTOS by posting on your social media with the hashtag #bikemonthmissoula or by emailing to be entered into our weekly prize drawings! Winners will be announced Fridays at 2:00 pm.

Follow along with Free Cycles' bike ABC Quick Check and basic tune-up videos.

TO BE ENTERED INTO OUR WEEKLY DRAWING: Take a photo of your tuned-up bike and then post it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #bikemonthmissoula.

The ZACC and Missoula in Motion challenge you to create sculptural buddies in your yards out of garden tools (rakes, shovels, etc.) and random household objects. Pandemic Pals can be made throughout the entire month of May, and should be placed outside where they can be viewed from a safe distance by bikers and pedestrians.

Click HERE to see some examples.
TO BE ENTERED INTO THE $100 ZACC GIFT CARD DRAWING: Post a photo of your Pandemic Pal on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #missoulapandemicpals. Winner will be randomly drawn from the pool of participants at the end of the month.

Missoula in Motion and the ZACC are challenging Missoula neighborhoods to paint their sidewalks in all the colors of the rainbow to encourage and inform our community about why biking is so great! Incorporate the words, "I bike because...", take a picture, and then share your creation on social media! 

TO BE ENTERED INTO OUR WEEKLY DRAWING: Photos of your chalk art must be posted on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #missoulasidewalks2020 and #bikemonthmissoula. (Optional) Say which neighborhood you're in! Best neighborhood will get some serious bragging rights.

Solo Rides

It doesn't matter where you go - just get on your bike and ride! Here are a few suggestions, though, if you are looking for some bike route inspiration:












TO BE ENTERED INTO OUR WEEKLY DRAWING: Take a photo while you are on your ride and then post it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #bikemonthmissoula.

Missoula's Greenway Network: Have you biked your Neighborhood Greenway? With parks, trails and commuter paths experiencing increased volumes, Neighborhood Greenways provide a safe, convenient addition for residents to enjoy outdoor physical activity while staying close to home. Click HERE to find a route!


Historical Trolley Tour: Did you know Missoula used to have street cars? Go back in time and bike one of Missoula's historic trolley lines that used to connect the city. Click HERE for information about Missoula's trolley and HERE to bike the route! 

THEN and NOW Scavenger Hunt: Missoula’s streetscapes, buildings, and urban fabrics have transformed over the years. The THEN and NOW Scavenger Hunt will give you the opportunity to view historic photos around Missoula, navigate to the location using sustainable transportation, and try to recreate the photo. View the 25 historical photos HERE and check your answers HERE


Bear Scavenger Hunt: Whether it's a statue, mural, or painting on a traffic box - hop on your bike and go on a bear hunt! Make sure to take a picture of you AND the bear you found!


Bike Movies

Haiku Contest

Express your love for all things bike in a haiku poem. 

TO BE ENTERED TO WIN: Submit your bike themed haikus HERE by May 15th. Winners will be selected by a panel of Missoulian Newspaper staff and announced the following week. 

1st Place Prize: 3 month subscription to the Missoulian Newspaper AND $15 Ninja Mikes giftcard

2nd Place Prize: $25 giftcard to Rockin Rudy's

3rd Place Prize: $20 giftcard to Bridge Pizza

Weekly Winners


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