Way To Go! Club

The Way to Go! Club is a rewards program presenting you with MIM store points as you enjoy all the other benefits of your transportation choices. The more you choose NOT to drive alone, the more benefits you receive!

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MIM offers the Way to Go! Club rewards to those who choose to use sustainable transportation at least once a week.

Pledge to make at least one trip a week using a sustainable option, track your trips and earn rewards. More details coming soon


Another reward . . . .Guaranteed Ride Home - for sustainable commuters

In the event of an emergency, illness or unexpected overtime, MIM’s Guaranteed Ride Home program provides a safe, reliable and free way to get home for commuters who vanpool, carpool, bike, walk or ride the bus.

Think of it as a sustainable transportation insurance policy. If you are a Way To Go! Club member, carpooler or vanpooler registered with the Missoula Ravalli TMA, a monthly bus pass holder, an EZ Pass holder, or if you are a university student, faculty or staff member who uses your Griz Card for commuting on the bus, you can call Yellow Cab at 543-6644 and show them your membership card.

The Guaranteed Ride Home may be used up to four times per calendar year.











How do I log my trips?

After you log in to the WTG!C, this will bring you to the trip log screen. Log each trip made each day using the drop down menus. New trips can be added by clicking the blue “plus” sign at the end of the row. Clicking on the double arrow icon will toggle your trips between round-trip (i.e. for a simple roundtrip commute to and from work) and one-way (to add multiple trip segments made throughout the day).

When you are finished, check the totals at the bottom of the page for accuracy and when you are ready, click “Save Trips”. Trips cannot be changed once they have been submitted.

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